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The photos above showcase a home that underwent a dramatic transformation during our remodeling project. The property had been uninhabited for many years, and required extensive work to restore it to its former glory. We faced numerous challenges, including replacing the roof, windows, and rewiring the entire house. We also tackled exterior issues such as rotten wood and overgrown brush that obscured the house from view. Our team of approximately 10 skilled workers worked tirelessly for three months to achieve the remarkable results you see in the photos at the top of this page. With new cabinets, flooring, HVAC system, and fresh coats of paint both inside and out, the home now exudes charm and character. We are proud to have breathed new life into this property and helped restore it to its full potential. Greg McKinney, Mineola, TX
It’s truly incredible what a little bit of elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint can do to a house. This particular home had been used as a rental property for years and was in dire need of a thorough cleaning. To make matters worse, it had also been foreclosed on, so the previous owner hadn’t made any updates or repairs. Despite all of this, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the house’s beautiful roof line and charming front porch. Inside, the house boasted 9-foot ceilings and exquisite trim work that you just don’t see in newer homes. We decided to stick with a similar color for the exterior trim to make the painting process a bit easier. However, getting the old, flaky green paint off the house was no small feat. It took hours and hours of scraping and prepping, but seeing the finished product made it all worth it. Working on these old, well-built houses is always such a joy – there’s something special about bringing them back to life. Best regards, Greg McKinney from Mineola, TX.
Check out this stunning two-story home sitting on three acres of gorgeous countryside in Mineola, TX! When we first stumbled upon this gem, it had been foreclosed on and left vacant for a solid two years. The interior was disgustingly dirty and the decor was painfully outdated – complete with early 90s wallpaper everywhere you looked. Removing the wallpaper was a tedious, time-consuming process that took a lot of patience. But that was just the beginning. The entire lot was so overgrown that you couldn’t even see the house from the road! It took us weeks just to clear out all of the brush and get the lot looking presentable. Even so, we persevered and poured our hearts and souls into the project, which took a total of four months from start to finish. And boy, did it pay off! The house sold in record time, and rightfully so – it looked absolutely stunning once we were finished. From the house itself to the gorgeous land surrounding it, the end result was a thing of beauty. Greg McKinney from Mineola, Texas.
The remodeling project depicted above was a simple cosmetic makeover. We focused on the essentials: fresh paint and new flooring throughout the interior and exterior. We also added a garage door to the carport, which gave the front of the property a polished finish. This home was a foreclosure that happened to be located next to the police station. During the cleaning process, we discovered hypodermic needles in the backyard, which was unbelievable given the proximity to law enforcement. Greg McKinney from Mineola, Texas
The home showcased above is a Mineola gem that had been left to decay for many years, yet it was still in great structural shape. We were able to work our magic and breathe new life into this old beauty. The most noticeable transformation was the pool. We spent days draining and clearing out the moss by hand, then power washed, sanded, and painted the walls with a special paint that’s perfect for swimming pools. The end result was stunning!

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